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A property purchase survey will advise on factual information on significant aspects of the condition of the property to the prospective purchaser.

The survey will be carried out under conditions (or terms) of engagement agreed with the professional doing the work.  For straightforward properties where the client requires no out-of-the-ordinary advice, the report may be in a standard format.

Minor items of disrepair which do not materially affect the value will not normally be reported.  Whether services (electrics, gas, drainage) will be tested or not will be agreed between the parties beforehand.


A building survey is an investigation and assessment of the construction and condition of a building. The survey will generally include the structure, fabric, finishes and grounds; the exposure and testing of services are not usually covered.

The extent of the survey will be subject to specific agreement between the professional and the client, and advice on costs of repair will be subject to such agreement.  The report will include reference to visible defects and guidance, as appropriate, on maintenance and remedial measures.

The report may recommend that specialist and elemental investigations are undertaken or other specialist advice obtained relating to specific issues.

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We are experienced in and have a service for the resolution of Party Wall issues and disputes by the way of the Party Wall Act 1996, and are also experienced in the resolution of Boundary issues and disputes.

For either of these services please call our Office on (023) 9258 3719


An elemental or specialist investigation will be carried out where concern exists over specific parts of, or defects in, a property.  Examples of this specialist work are the detailed study of movement, cracking, bulging, timber decay or the testing of building services such as electrical wiring, gas installations, foul water drainage.

The scope of this type of investigation will be specific to each individual job and, if necessary, the brief may be altered as findings on site dictate.


A building survey as previously described taking into account the specialist installations in offices, shops or warehouses and any shared services with other users.


Normally required for a commercial property when entering into a lease or coming to the end of one.

The schedule provides a full record of condition of all elements which are the responsibility of either the Landlord or Tenant.


Please call our Office on (023) 9258 3719 or if you would prefer, complete the form at the bottom of this page.

We endeavour to carry out surveys within 15 working days (dependent on the type of survey) the report then follows, you will be requested to complete a Conditions of Appointment Agreement.

However, if you wish for the survey to be carried out within 5-14 working days, you will be requested to also complete a Right to Cancel form of compliance.

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